HOW? The Lord then showed Suzanne to foster His children out into Christian families in the community where they could grow up in a family as designed by God for all peoples. Suzanne obeyed this with a 6 month trial and has done it ever since. She then turned the buildings into schools where the children come for food and education. This method has proved to be very effective.

JOY JOHNSON IN NEW ZEALAND has also been very involved in getting the orphanages SELF SUFFICIENT.

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The LORD told her to dig a WELL in all 4 villages and establish ORGANIC GARDENS. She accomplished this in 2011 by raising funds. NEW ZEALAND now supports the ZAMBIAN 1,850 orphans as well as 1,000 orphans in UGANDA by getting them self sufficient by 2013. Suzanne also heard the Lord tell her to ask David to ask the Chief for 125 acres of land, to grow the crops for the orphans. The Chief said yes and the land has already been given over to the orphans. WE THANK THE LORD AND ALL GOD'S PEOPLE WHO ARE PART OF THIS WONDERFUL WORK.

THE PAKISTAN ORPHANAGES are supported by ENGLAND and we hope to bring this city orphanage in Lahore into self sufficiency, by opening some kind of business in Lahore, to generate the £700 per month needed to feed all the orphans.

New Orphanage Children's Centres since January 2008.

1) Step Out In Faith Foundation started in Zambia with 51 children who were literally starving in the villages due to lack of food, who were forced to beg as result of the floods and aids. These children have been rescued by the local Church and put into foster homes and educated by the Church. These orphanages are situated 2 hours drive South of Lusaka.

Due to rapid growth we are now feeding 1,850 orphans who have joined this orphanage. More orphans also want to join the orphanage and this presents us with a big challenge.

The orphanage is divided into 4 villages. The second orphanage first met under two trees daily for food and school, but now have a completed school and church which was funded by an elderly lady in Scotland. 'Ahava Love Orphanage charity' has now been established in Canterbury and help us where they can.

Our supporters in New Zealand have also dug wells in each village and David is at present establishing organic gardens for all 4 orphanages. The local chief has also given land to help get them towards being self sufficient. We thank all these supporters for the wonderful job they have done.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved.

New Zealand, To adopt un orphan is $20 per month or $120 a year.

England, To adopt un orphan in Pakistan is £5 per month or £60 a year.


If you feel that you could support this work financially, please DONATE ONLINE




2) We also Support 2 Orphanages in Pakistan of total 156 orphans including disabled children. We are also looking for someone to take over one or both of these smaller orphanages.

3) FAITH PRIMARY SCHOOL opened in India in January 08 to bring back the orphans who were put onto the streets to beg, as a result of no money to buy food for them. We did this by turning their quality building into a primary school and the locals pay for education. This enables the orphans to be fed and educated while put into foster homes with church families. The scheme is working well and already they have 57 paying pupils and over a 100 orphans rescued from the streets who now enjoy being part of a family home. We thank the Lord for giving us his wonderful plans. The Lord miraculously provided Peter and Donna Foulds in 2009 who have bought the orphanage for the orphans and are providing for their needs. We thank Donna and Peter for all they are doing.

4) Bala Orphanage in Kenya opened in 2001. In January 2005 we handed the orphanage over to Dorian and Maur Ferdenando in Cirencester who have done un excellent work and now have over 500 orphans.

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